Objective Hiring is Smart Hiring

Bring predictability and reliability to your hiring process. Gut feel is not a good enough reason to hire someone.

Ensure a long-term placement by leveraging existing talent or hiring from the outside.

The ASCENT Select  team can help you build guaranteed success
in optimizing people strategy and hiring.

Client Comments

We were able to create a people strategy to optimize talent and achieve the results
our growth strategy required


Knowing a candidate’s natural characteristics helps us ask better questions to make sure our company, our mission, and the employee will be a good fit for the long term.

Nissan North America

It’s not every day that you can find such a time-tested and effective method with a deep enough toolbox to help hire, mentor, coach, and inspire your team.

Jackson H.

Knowing how people react or will react is a significant indicator of management style. Applying it to recruitment reduces time and costs in the hiring process.

Nissan North America

Understand What Drives People

It’s your job as a business leader to make sure your company optimizes its talent so you can achieve your
objectives and crush the competition

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