Talent Strategy & Executive Search Insights – April 2024

Pay Insights

For job-stayers, year-over-year pay gains were flat at 5.1%. For job-changers rose dramatically to 10%.

Unemployment rate for construction, blue collar, hourly, government employees dropped to 3.8% down .028% from 3.857% in February.

For Management professionals or people with college degrees the rate was 2.15% – basically zero. These people are working, happy, well paid, and not looking for a job. These are the people our clients hire to help future proof their organizations. *BLS March 2024

Talent Acquisition Insights: Path to Top Tier Talent

Navigating Recruiting Challenges – Quit fighting against other top companies for the same talent. Instead hire a firm like ASCENT Select –

  • Talent Strategy to discuss exactly what makes the most sense 
  • Curated talent pipeline of elite professionals looking to make a discreet move
  • Gain access to a wider pool of qualified candidates and professionals 
  • Industry’s best replacement and candidate presentation guarantees

Delivering High-caliber Candidates quickly without compromising quality is what ASCENT Select delivers. Elite talent precisely fitting your company’s unique needs. 

  • Unique to the industry 73 or its FREE Guarantee! 
  • We leverage our expertise in talent strategy and acquisition
  • Ensure a streamlined, efficient recruitment process with confidentiality and professionalism at its core
  • Saves you valuable time and resources 

Overcoming False Solutions is difficult when your sole reliance is on in-house human resources / recruiting or settling for candidates. 

Avoid false solutions, instead hire a firm such as ASCENT Select 

  • Extensive candidate evaluation beyond the surface (People hire people, not paper) 
  • Prioritize cultural fit alongside industry experience leading to improved team cohesion, performance, and future proofing your organization.

Embracing Innovative Recruitment strategies is crucial. ASCENT Select has created unique to the industry services coupled with data driven insights to enhance your decision making. Our results speak for themselves, 99% offers accepted with over 320 placements and 4.6 year average placement tenure. 

Unlocking the Potential of Executive Recruitment with ASCENT Select breaks you away from the habitual job posting or reliance on resources that don’t guarantee cultural or technical fit. Our approach aligns with your personal values of integrity and commitment to company mission and values.

We invite you to explore the transformative potential of 
Talent Strategy and Executive Recruitment with ASCENT Select 
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