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Precision Talent Matching & Strategy to Future Proof Your Company       September 6th
YES, We are Still in a Candidate Driven Market 

Here are the NUMBERS ..

177,000 New Jobs in August; 97,000 of those New Jobs from Small & Medium businesses.*

Job openings edged down to 8,800,000 on the last business day of July, This only represents 20% of the job openings – the other 80% are not published so that 8.8M openings now become 44,000,000 published and non-published openings.**

August Job Stayers saw pay increase of 5.9%  
Job Changers pay growth 9.5%**

Welcome Dave Brown to the ASCENT Select Team 
Besides our standard Director to C-Suite in Finance, Marketing, and Operations we now provide FOH & BOH Search Services

“Mike is one of the best recruiters I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His dedication to clients and his ability to relate to candidates along with his innovative nature is a reflection of his success in meeting client needs. If you need recruiting help in the world of restaurant/hospitality or multi-unit chains, Mike and ASCENT Select should be your only call.”
Rich Fisher, EVP

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With 44 million job openings nationwide, I am sure you or someone you know needs to fill an open position.

ASCENT Select continuously networks and connects and has a vibrant talent pipeline. Our Proactive Talent Pipeline process enables us to present top-tier talent quickly without sacrificing quality and means you slash time to hire significantly. 

ASCENT Select offers the unique 83 or it’s FREE Guarantee! 100% NO RISK for positions you need to fill.  To learn more, Call us at 336-390-9889 x 100 or visit    

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Mike Sudermann CEO & Managing Partner
ASCENT Select Talent Capital
336 390 9889 Ext. 100

1. Talent Evaluations Beyond the Surface: We dive deeper, uncovering talent that might be overlooked. Think of it as the difference between skimming a book and delving into its nuanced, layered narrative.
2. Precision Matching: With an extensive and meticulously cultivated talent pool we can offer candidates tailored to your company’s unique needs, culture, and vision. It’s less about casting a wide net and more about precision fishing.
3. Passive Talent Engagement: Some of the best talents are those not actively looking for a job – they’re content where they are. We know how to tap into this passive talent pool, enticing them with opportunities they didn’t even know they were missing.
4. Time Efficiency: With a richer talent pool at our fingertips, we can fast-track the hiring process. This means less time sifting through unsuitable candidates and more time engaging with those who truly fit the bill.
5. Competitive Edge: When you have access to a more extensive talent spectrum, you’re not just filling roles; you’re strategically placing assets that can drive your company forward, giving you an edge in the fiercely competitive market.
6. Reduced Turnover: The right fit isn’t just about skills but also about alignment with company culture and vision. ASCENT Select prioritizes this fit, leading to happier, more engaged employees and significantly reducing turnover rates. 

To discover how ASCENT Select can benefit your organization, please give Mike Sudermann a call directly at 336-404-4610

*ADP National Employment Report ROSELAND, N.J. – August 30, 2023
** U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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