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We understand that downsizing employees is not an easy decision and stressful for all involved! Therefore, we have created a unique program designed for everyone regardless of title or functional niche. Offering the 9-Step Job Search Accelerator program to outbound employees fosters goodwill and reduces your risks and cost associated with downsizing.

Now is the time to invest in the future success of your employees in transition, build your brand reputation and position your company as an employer of choice.

Our Client Feedback

I urge everyone in an executive capacity or otherwise looking to gain an edge in his or her job search to work with Advantage Outplacement and gain the knowledge and advice this extensive program highlights. The results I have experienced using this strategic program were phenomenal. The strategies work.

Patrick D., SVP
A key differentiator working with Advantage Outplacement was the engagement and genuine interest in me. They took the time to understand my background and what I was looking for in my next career. Throughout the process, we met regularly for coaching and that was a motivator to trust the process. Through our partnership, I was successful in finding a new opportunity that exceeded my expectation. I did not settle and three months into my new role, I could not be happier.
P. Eckhert, SVP
Mike (Advantage Outplacement) is a great partner when making a career change. He is very enthusiastic and works with you to hone in on how to best present yourself and your skills. He makes himself available to you and coaches you through the process of interviewing and presenting yourself to a potential employer. I would recommend Mike if you are looking at making a career change and want to end up in the right position.
B. Tatarevic, IT
Thank you for instilling confidence and hope in a process I must admit that on your own can be fraught with at least some level of trepidation.
T.Tyler, SVP Supply Chain

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Transparency in Reporting Usage, Results and Follow-up

Metrics are important even in outplacement services. 

We will keep you informed about how your former employees are doing by providing monthly reports on each person’s status. 

Long-Term Support

Regardless of when they land, everyone has 12-month access to the program.


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