News Brief – September 22nd

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ASCENT Select strives to provide value added services to our clients.

Please meet our new service partners.

Stella Trainer – Jim Slowin, Co-Founder – 

Truvelop – Lisa First-Willis, CEO –
Buxton Road – Nick Bambick, CEO –

Mike is hands down the best recruiter out there.  I use him to recruit top talent for my team. Having worked with him as a candidate and later a client, I speak from experience in saying his process, style and efficiency make him stand far above the rest. Hire Mike and ASCENT Select. – Matt Nisbet, CFO 

Struggling to find Great Talent Fast? 

Coming Soon!!  

Beyond the Job Board  

A white paper written by Mike Sudermann on how to find hidden talent, hire better and faster.

ASCENT Select – Precision Search and Strategy – Finance, Operations, & Marketing Leadership Roles – Meticulously curated talent pipeline – Exceptional talent on the fly without sacrificing quality, guaranteed!! 


1. Talent Evaluations Beyond the Surface

2. Precision Matching

3. Passive Talent Engagement

4. Time Efficiency

5. Competitive Edge

6. Reduced Turnover

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