Bullet Proof Interview Strategies

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The goal is to position yourself as the #1 must hire candidate. Click here to learn two of Mike Sudermann’s Executive Search Bulletproof Interview Strategies  – How to Answer the Salary Question and How to Answer the Trap Question Tell Me About Yourself. 

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Bulletproof Interview Strategies

I help mid to senior leaders bulletproof their interview skills to immediately separate themselves from the competition so they can land their dream job and earn substantially more compensation. 

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Candidate Feedback

"I cannot recommend Mike and his Bulletproof Interview Strategies enough. It had been about 20-years since I looked for a new job. I was totally overwhelmed with the interview process plus all the other parts of the search process. I was stressed. The Bulletproof Interview Strategies were amazing plus I hired Mike on an hourly rate to help me navigate the overall job search. I landed very quickly in a senior level leadership role."
Cindy S.
South Carolina
"I urge everyone in a leadership capacity or otherwise looking to gain an edge in his / her interviewing skills to get this program. The results I experienced were phenomenal. I was hired into my dream job and it transformed my life. Plus I was offered more than a 77% increase in total compensation. A total game changer for me and my family. The strategies work. Mike works!"
Patrick D.
"Wow!" The Bulletproof Interview Strategies exceeded my expectations. The free tips he provides are great but the program as a whole tied everything together. I landed faster than I expected and am now making a good chunk more money as well. Thanks Mike"
Robert S.

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