DIY Candidate Sourcing and Hiring IS NOT a COST SAVINGS! 

DIY Candidate Sourcing and Hiring IS NOT a COST SAVINGS! 

Price is what you pay, value is what you get! – Warren Buffet

Situation: Corporate Chef position open 150-days and counting. Company wanted to save money and have HR team fill the role. HR posted position on ZipRecruiter and Indeed – total time to find candidates that met the requirements, interview, and hire – 7 months. 

Chef hired and then fired their new chef sixty-days later for a variety of issues including bad fit culturally and poor leadership skills. Company paid a 60-day severance. 

COSTS associated with doing on their own – $135,000 broken down as follows:

Cost of Vacancy – Basic math – $180,000 salary divided by 12 months = $15,000 x 7 months it took to fill the role = $105,000 + $30,000 in severance paid = $135,000 

INDIRECT COSTS – Rudderless leadership among back of house in multiple restaurant locations, higher stress amongst employees, over worked team members, loss of morale and high potential for lousy guest experiences – 

Solution: Hired ASCENT Select Talent Capital – Specialists within restaurant / multi-unit search 

We offer a Cultural Match Guarantee and Candidate Presentation Guarantee so essentially zero risk using our services. 

Action: Met client in person (on our dime NC to CA), visited restaurant (FOH and BOH), experienced the food, met team members, discussed details of the role including company vision, mission statement, and 22 other proprietary questions. Launched search; sourcing, vetting, cultural fit “Perfect Cultural Match Guarantee” 


  • < 10-Days ASCENT Select presented three fully vetted local elite Chefs 
  • Candidates presented were all a cultural “Perfect Match” and technically fit 
  • Client interviewed on phone, in person, had the top candidate prepare dishes for the leadership team at the restaurant 
  • Hiring decision made 
  • 15-days from signed agreement to accepted offer!

Conclusion: Client should have hired ASCENT Select in the first place and would have saved direct costs in excess of $90,000 not including indirect losses associated with poor guest experience due to low team member morale, being overworked, and stressed. 

Hiring ASCENT Select in the first place Would Have Saved Client over $90,000! 

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”  – Benjamin Franklin

Please reach out to Mike Sudermann 336-390-9889 x 100 to learn how ASCENT Select can help you quickly fill your open positions without compromising quality.