Talent Strategy Advising Saves $100,000 +

The Challenge: Franchisee thinks he needs a CFO

PSP Holdings, Inc., CEO (Rick) was growing his number of locations by 8-10 a year over the next five years and thought he needed a CFO. The challenge was the CEO had only ever used contingency recruiters for staff/store operations and wasn’t sure if he wanted to use his typical go-to recruiter due to the complexity of the position and he was not sure about the potential costs.

The Shift to Expert Recruitment Strategies:

Rick connected with ASCENT Select through a mutual contact and learned that ASCENT Select is not only a recruiting firm but also provides talent strategies and service charge options in the best interest of the client. He also learned ASCENT Select –

  • Asks questions his current recruiter had never asked
  • Doesn’t post positions online and recruit applicants
  • Seeks first to understand then tailors the search to what client needs. 
  • Has a unique to the industry search Subscription model and flat rates,
  • Has unequaled candidate presentation and replacement guarantees
  • CEO will travel to meet clients at no charge
  • Focuses on presenting candidates that meet both technically and culturally

ASCENT Select was hired to find PSP Holdings Controller and executed their standard multi-faceted search approach-

  • Met the client in person, visited HQ, and conducted our proprietary 22-question discovery call
  • Focused on quality, not quantity
  • Tapped into the ASCENT Select curated talent pipeline
  • Made up to 7-reach attempts on each prospect (not the 2-3 other firms make)
  • Coordinated all interviews, and debriefs, and completed full background & credit checks
  • All candidates presented were matched culturally to the company
  • Onboarding insights and strategies provided


Michelle was hired with an exceptional, twenty-finance-year career in the restaurant industry. She was able to immediately add value and continues to this day to exceed expectations. Placement tenure 3+ years and counting


This case study underscores the value of building a trusted search and talent strategy partnership with a boutique search firm. Working with a recruiting firm that is innovative in its recruiting and candidate evaluation approach and services offered saved PSP over $100,000 in salary and service fees. Hire a firm that will customize search options to meet what you or your organization wants to achieve.

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