ASCENT Select Helps Client’s Hire Great People

ASCENT Select Helps Client’s Hire Great People

“Great Vision without Great People is Irrelevant” – Jim Collins 

ASCENT Select Helps Client’s Hire Great People – We Help Future Proof Organizations 

Ben Hardy and Dan Sullivan wrote a book called Who Not How. 

The principle of WHO is based on the idea of instead of “How are you going to get something done” such as sourcing, vetting, and hiring exceptional talent, instead ask yourself, “WHO can help me get this done and done extremely well?”

For Talent Acquisition and Strategy, the answer is ASCENT Select – We are your WHO – 

Our search services within restaurant / lifestyle and multiunit organizations is second to none – 

  • < 21 – Days Average time to hire
  • 2:1 Candidates Presented to Interview 
  • < 2:1 Candidates Interviewed to Hire
  • 4.6 Year Average Placement Tenure 
  • 99% Job Acceptance Rate
  • 320 Placements in 13-Years 

Talent Strategy Services 

Saved our clients well over $6,000,000 over the last 13-years. Advise clients on talent strategy, hiring, interviewing processes, title strategies, collaborators and more. 

Unique to the industry are our guarantee’s 

Candidate Presentation Guarantee refunds your deposit if we fail 

Replacement Guarantee Standard 6 Months for Corporate Leadership Roles

In Person Visit on our dime within 18-days of signed agreement 

Please reach out to Mike Sudermann 336-390-9889 x 100 to learn WHO ASCENT Select is and How can help you quickly fill your open positions without compromising quality.