17-Days Search to Accepted Offer

Situation: Restaurant organization spent nearly one year trying to source and hire a leadership role in a small coastal town with no luck whatsoever. Complaining there was no one that would take the role and too much competition. Cost of Vacancy for this role exceeded $87,000! 

Action: After one year trying on their own, finally reached out to ASCENT Select. Mike Sudermann, CEO and Managing Partner discussed the position particulars with the CEO of the restaurant and then took a day on his own dime to meet in person with the CEO, tour the restaurant, meet team members, and experience the food. 

From wet signature on the search agreement to offer accepted was 17-Days! In less than three weeks multiple elite candidates had been presented that were willing and able to relocate to the small coastal town. Client deployed an efficient interview schedule and made a quick hiring decision.  

Results: Client hired an elite candidate with over 20-years leadership experience in the restaurants with the bonus of having the restaurants particular cuisine experience, was able to start within 10-days and relocate. 

Once again, ASCENT Select negotiated an offer that saved the client money while providing an exceptional opportunity for the candidate.

Once again, ASCENT Select had another offer accepted, maintaining 99% Offer Acceptance Rate on over 320 placements in 13-years! 

17-Days start to finish with exceptional elite talent that fit the client culturally and position requirements thus future proofing the organization for years to come. Invaluable! 

Please reach out to Mike Sudermann 336-390-9889 x 100 to learn how ASCENT Select can help you quickly fill your open positions without compromising quality.