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Considering a job change? If you are currently employed, your not alone. Forty-seven percent (47%) of your fellow employed professionals are also considering a job change.

What is your competitive advantage? Does your resume prove your competitive advantage in less than the 8-seconds because that is what reviewers of resumes do, they glance and a glance is about 6-8 seconds. If not, your resume will immediately be deposited straight into file 13?

What have you done from a social media standpoint? How about twitter, Linked In or blogs? There are over 270 million people using Twitter. LinkedIn is the #1 social media site used by executives. Did you know that LinkedIn was not built for executives to find jobs, it was built for recruiters and employers to find professionals. Does your LinkedIn profile look just like your resume? If so, you’re in trouble? Did you know you have a digital footprint? Everyone does. What does yours look like?

Getting interviews but no job offers? Ever stop to think you may be sabotaging your interviews. Check your ego at the door. You might think you are a rock star but you have to prove it in an interview.

If you get a job offer, are you good with just getting the average 10% increase in compensation? Do you know how to potentially increase your compensation by as much as 40%?

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May  Unemployment Rate (According to Bureau of Labor Statistics ) 4.3% – general population 2.4% for professionals with a bachelor or graduate degree


Learn how to Position Yourself as the #1 Must Hire