Our Search Process

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ASCENT Select Leadership i-Vault™ is about placing HIGH IMPACT leaders long-term.

Our recruiting process is an evidenced based system that generates predictable outcomes. We eliminate the guesswork in making a hiring decision.  Couple this with our devil in the details approach to uncovering, recruiting and assessing professionals within All Things Supply Chain, Finance, Operations and C-Suite functions results in over 94% of our placements staying longer than 18-months.

“Be quick but don’t hurry” –John Wooden


Each candidate that ASCENT Select determines to be viable for your shortlist is analyzed to reveal whether the candidate is a strong or potential fit, can meet or exceed your performance objectivesand how his / her style will impact your team’s dynamics. Additionally,  we will uncover whether or not the role meets his / her own long-term career objectives.

ASCENT Select Leadership i-Vault™ eliminates the fear of making a bad hire, ensuring 100% confidence in your hiring decision, increases leadership retention and ultimately saves you time and money.

Our 12-Step search process 

  • Recruitment Audit
  • Uncover High Impact Leaders
  • Recruit & Qualify
  • Calibrate
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Candidate Video
  • Presentation of Professionals
  • Client / Stakeholder Review
  • Discuss Candidates with Client
  • Candidate Interviews
  • Prepare Offer
  • Acceptance, On Boarding and Follow-Up

Current unemployment rate (According to Bureau of Labor Statistics ) 4.3% – general population 2.4% for professionals with a bachelor or graduate degree


Struggling to find great talent? We can help.