A Boutique Executive Recruiting Firm

What Makes ASCENT Select Different?

  2. Double Guarantee
  3. 12-18 Month Replacement Guarantee
  4. 100% Candidate Acceptance Rate
  5. 96.4% Retention of Executives Placed
  6. 500 Search Partners in 30 Countries
  7. We visit all our clients face-to-face on our dime!
  8. Video interview with all candidates
  9. Cultural Assessments (Paid by Ascent Select)
  10. Calibration Candidates within 5-7 days of signed agreement
  11. Project Based Recruiting
  12. Workforce Transition Services
  13. US Operational Hours 8 am to 8 pm ET (this enables our West Coast clients to talk during normal business hours)

Results Speak for Themselves

  • 290+ professionals placed within Retail, CPG and Healthcare industries
  • 70% of our professionals presented are interviewed
  • 100% of our professionals offered a role have accepted
  • 45 Direct Hires in 60-calendar days (Proj. Based Recruiting)

Who We Are

ASCENT Select is a boutique executive search firm with a global reach. We are a top twenty member of an international recruiting network with 500 other firms, 1600 recruiters and more than 15 million candidates in a single database. We meet clients face-to-face on our dime, culturally assess professionals to ensure they fit your organizations culture prior to presentation, candidate video presentations and up to a 24-month replacement guarantee.


Build a global executive search organization unmatched by other firms. Create new services, exceed value while reducing and eliminating services that are no longer relevant in the search industry.


Help clients hire quickly without sacrificing quality. Provide outstanding value for our services saving clients tens of thousands of dollars in talent acquisition and retention costs.


Play an integral role in how ASCENT Select operates. Our Core Values:

  • Exceed Value
  • 100% Integrity
  • Be Quick but Don’t Hurry
  • Elevate Communication
  • Only conduct searches in our niche- All things supply chain, finance and operations within consumer based organizations
  • It’s Not About Us, It’s About Our Clients!

“Collaboration is Multiplication” – John Maxwell


ASCENT Select is committed to serving a select group of clients who appreciate customized, collaborative, and discerning search services that efficiently capture the top 5-8% of professionals who align functionally and culturally with your specific needs.

We provide our clients with a substantial competitive advantage generally unavailable through other firms, internally and / or electronically. To qualify as one of our clients you possess:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to hiring the same caliber of talent we recruit. A professional at the top of his / her game, who is well compensated, not looking for a new job, peer reviewed and buried in excellence is not attracted to organizations demonstrating mediocrity.
  2. Direct Contact. Weekly verbal communication with the hiring manager is essential for an efficient, timely completion of a search assignment. We are likely as busy as the hiring manager and will not unnecessarily consume the hiring manager’s time.
  3. Our clients are fully aligned. Only through mutual trust, collaboration, regular conversation, and integrity are we able to deliver exceptional results. “Steph Curry could not win without a teammate passing him the ball”.

May unemployment rate (According to Bureau of Labor Statistics ) 4.3% – general population 2.4% for professionals with a bachelor or graduate degree