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Case Studies from Ascent Select

Client moving to New York

Client was moving from New York to Southeast in hopes of eliminating huge payroll burden and improve overall operations from a logistics standpoint. They were tasked with hiring 45 new finance roles and 40 operations positions within 5-months.


Five months was reduced to 2-months due. ASCENT Select was tasked with sourcing, recruiting and coordinating the hiring of 45 finance positions ranging from Manager to VP level in two months. We went from an already daunting task of 9 hires a month to over 22 new hires per month. We had to perform this magic trick, pulling an elephant out of small hat, a performance even the big name firms turned down.


Build sourcing, recruiting and hiring strategy that included tactical deployment. Met with most senior hiring manager and his staff to discuss and build a customized plan to produce highly qualified people for the open roles without sacrificing quality. Maintained very open communications with hiring manager. Operate at the executive level search mindset not as a contract recruiter mindset. In other words, do what was right not what was easy.


Sourced, recruited and hired 45 new finance staff members including multiple VP and Director level roles all within 6-weeks. Client was simultaneously working with three contract recruiters to hired 40+ staff members for operations but at six weeks they only had made seven (7) hires. Client CFO asked Mike Sudermann / ASCENT Select to manage completion of the operations search project and by week 8 the operations team of 40 was almost completely hired. ASCENT Select was retained for another three years building the client’s organization to include entire IT department, customer service, legal and a variety of other roles totaling over 200 positions in three years.

Current unemployment rate (According to Bureau of Labor Statistics ) 4.3% – general population 2.4% for professionals with a bachelor or graduate degree


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